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Micco & DeLuca

In the current arena of claims fraud and increased insurance investigations, there is a growing need for competent loss auditing services. Micco & DeLuca bring experience of both accounting practices and insurance knowledge to those firms needing accurate analysis of claimed losses. Insurance carriers, loss adjusters, law firms and business professionals require in depth, knowledgeable and concise analysis of the financial situation affected by the loss.

The firm is dedicated to accounting functions related to the insurance industry. This affords our clients the security of knowing that their situations are being handled by skilled and experienced accountants with insurance policy expertise. Our customers can rest assured that their claims will be handled only with the utmost degree of professionalism. The principals of the firm are directly involved on a daily basis to ensure the accurate and complete discovery of the facts in each case.

During the process, the staff and management keep the client informed of proceedings and events as they occur. In a situation where time is involved, peace of mind that progress is being achieved is necessary. We strive to create long term relationships with our clients thus providing them with the comfort of knowing who to call when the need arises. It is our goal to become a natural outlet of the claims department.

Confidence Through Precision

Acute evaluation of financial reports and statements are the foundation of our findings. At Micco & DeLuca, we examine supporting document detail, interview essential personnel and, when appropriate, utilize outside data services to substantiate our findings.

The confidence our clients obtain through our reports is tantamount with the precision of the report we generate.

Our financial analysis will prove to be beneficial regardless of the size of loss. Our regular interaction in the adjudication of losses will forge a bond that will prove invaluable during those unfortunate times when disaster strikes.

Benefits of the Micco & DeLuca Professional Staff

Insurance Knowledge: There is a value in the loss auditor's interpretive capability of insurance policy provisions. The staff is capable of identifying contract provisions and how they may affect a claim.

Representation: Our presence is available from audit through the settlement conference, when needed. This service affords our clients the security of knowing that the findings can thoroughly and accurately be explained.

Dedication & Availability: Our practice is limited to loss auditing and related activities. Thus our availability is consistent throughout the year without influence of tax and audit season.

Communication of Information

Findings can be submitted in many formats ranging from informal report with work papers to formal reports with statements of findings, supporting documents and executive summaries.

Services Provided

  • Business Interruption Claims
  • Financial Condition Reviews in Fraud and Arson Cases
  • Extra Expense Losses
  • Inventory/Contents Valuations
  • Property Damage Claims
  • Fidelity Losses and Forensic Claims
  • Financial Analysis for Workers Compensation Claims
  • Downtime Claims
  • Third Party Liability Claims
  • Accounts Receivable Claims
  • Valuable Papers Claims
  • Litigation Accounting
  • Franchise Auditing

Disaster Support: In the immediate aftermath of hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and other natural calamities, property adjusters and claims professionals are pressed into disaster relief mode. The response of the claims professionals during these times is immediate, compassionate, honorable and absolutely critical to the recovery of the affected areas. However, the sheer volume of work and man hours required pushes the departments to the edge of collapse. During these times, we can provide you with immediate assistance, whether on-site or from our offices. Our staff can assist in the adjudication of the claims by preparing preliminary loss of income calculations, inventory valuations and/or any other analyses you may deem appropriate in the immediate aftermath of disaster.

Special Projects: Claims professionals have used the firm for other analytical purposes. We urge you to discuss your particular situation with us in any area you may need assistance.