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Premium Audit Services Edward Lynch, CPIA
Director of Marketing
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Micco & DeLuca
Joseph Micco CFE, CPA
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Exemplary Quality & Efficiency Using Information Technology

RLD Associates, Inc. is at the forefront of electronic information services. Our proprietary provides every aspect of our service with the solutions needed to ensure quality and efficiency for the customer.

Streamlined Workflow Process

Using numerous web services, applications, devices, automation and business processes we have brought our workflow procedures into one cohesive system. Giving our customers and employees a complete information on demand experience that is unparalleled by our peers. Customers have access to their RLD inventory during the life cycle of the case through our Case Manager Web site. All case information and reports are archived and retrievable for the lifetime of the account.

Customer Enhanced Solutions

We have tailored the to accommodate a widening range of customers needs. Orders automation, electronic delivery, forms templates and enhancing the with customer requested features are just a few.